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Every good party needs an equally good cake! Our talented, experienced cake designers can make and design cakes for every occasion you can imagine.

Choose your favorite cake flavor, fillings, frosting, and theme for a custom-decorated cake.

You can order your cake online or call Aldo’s bakery at 401.466.2198.

October 15th and May 15th, you can reach us at 954.699.5958.

Cake Size Servings
8″ 8-10
10″ 10-12
Half Sheet 35
Full Sheet 60

Gelato & Ice Cream Gallery

Ice cream delights everyone, from a toothless baby to an elderly person who has lost all their teeth.

At Aldo’s, we specialize in homemade ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt, served in cups, cones, or take-out containers of your choice.

Our ice cream is crafted from fresh, gluten-free cream from Winsor SB Dairy in Rhode Island, and we use local ingredients. For instance, our Honey Vanilla flavor is sweetened with honey from Littlefield Farm on Block Island.

We offer an extensive variety of flavors: 32 ice cream options, 24 gelato varieties, and 6 choices of soft serve and frozen yogurt.

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